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Shift5+ Windows 10 modular phone ready for pre-order next month

Shift 5 Plus Windows 10 Mobile smartphone 2

Android-powered phones are almost everywhere. Deciding on which one to buy and replace your current unit can be quite a challenge because you have to consider a number of things like the budget, brand, color, build, special features, version of mobile OS, and more. But for some people, they want something that can offer more than what is presented at launch. This Shift5+ from German phone manufacturer is a smartphone that boasts of modular parts that you can upgrade in the feature.

Modular phones are still under development but the Shift5+ is already a working modular phone. Well, just the parts inside can be changed and updated. What's better is that the new Shift smartphone can run on either Android 5.1 Lollipop or Windows 10 mobile.

Shift brand will be opening pre-order this December. By then, specs are expected to be finalized but so far, we heard the smartphone will boast of the following: a 5-inch IPS display, 32GB built-in memory, 2GB RAM, Snapdragon quad processor or oct-core CPU, 5MP front-facing camera, 13MP rear camera, and a 2,500-3,000mAh removable battery. Someday, you may change the battery, internal memory, or the display of the phone.

The phone is listed with a €399 price tag which is around $430 in the US. Pre-order will open next month but smartphone is set to arrive in Q3 2016. That seems a long time to wait though. Let's hope Shift will consider bringing the phone earlier.

VIA: Windows Central


UpThere Home and Camera app brings enhanced cloud computing

Upthere camera 1Upthere takes cloud computing to the next level by changing the roles of our devices, apps, and the cloud. The main idea is for everything to be "up there" in the cloud so a device's storage will always be freed up and so device won't slow down. The cloud computer stores everything that can be saved so instead of on your device, files and data will be saved on 'Upthere'. This Upthere system includes the Upthere Home and Camera app. These are two new features that take advantage of cloud computing. With UpThere Home, you can save your photos, music, videos, and files on Upthere and then easily access them from anywhere. The app displays all files in a more organized way. You'll notice a simple and clear interface that will show you whatever media file you may need. No need to sync files because the app puts everything on the cloud automatically. Feel free to search by location, album, artist, song or file type. All files will be within UpThere so if you share a link, your friends can access your file and not just any other copy created somewhere else. The organized collection of photos or files is called a "Loop". Each one can be shared and kept private as well. The other UpThere feature, is a cloud camera called Upthere Camera. Again, this one works for the UpThere system. With this, you can take full-res photos directly to the cloud photos. To quickly share images with family and friends, you can use the Create Shared Cameras so they can quickly see the photos or videos as you take time. It's almost real-time but you have to make sure you are connected to the Internet. UpThere Home Camera app 2 UpThere Home Camera app 1 UpThere Home Camera app 3 Download Upthere Home & Camera from the Google Play Store SOURCE: Upthere

Test DPC knows if app is Android for Work-ready–or not


Android for Work still has a long way to go but we don't doubt the program will be considered as one of the standards in the enterprise. It is poised to work with different apps that are still being developed. The idea is to encourage more developers to create apps dedicated for the workplace and businesses that will make things easier not only for the employers but also for the employees. Such apps can then make the jobs of the IT team to be less complicated because everything already has an app.

If you're building an app for a company or workplace, it is important that you exhaust all efforts in checking if the app will work or not. Make sure that the app features a simple, understandable, and easy navigation. The user interface must be clean, only featuring the necessary items. You can get all the human testers you want but make sure they know how to use the app. If you don't have enough resources yet, you can just use the 'Test DPC' app that lets you test apps with any Android for Work feature. This tool can be useful when you want to manage work apps on devices, as well as, the security policies available.

With the Test DPC app, you can set account to either be a profile owner or a device that will test all possible Android for Work scenarios. As Device Owner, you can be representing an enterprise business and you need to manage each device before giving them to an employee. A Device Owner may also be a business owner who wants to use the devices for other special purposes like as a restaurant menu or mall directory.

This app somehow takes the jobs of IT administrators because Test DPC will employ any test an admin may use. Within the app, you are free to set up work profiles, establish app and intent restrictions, and enforce important policies. Feel free to also set up fully managed Android devices with Test DPC. Device must run at least Android 5.0 Lollipop.

A Test DPC User Guide is available on Git Hub. If you're an app developer, read the Android for Work Application Developer Guide for tips on how to optimize app for Android for Work.

Test DPC 5 Test DPC 4 Test DPC 3 Test DPC 2 Test DPC 1

Download Test DPC from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog

Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 images posted on TENAA

Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 TENAA cover

The SM-W2016 has been spotted once again and now the TENAA listing comes with a photo. Samsung's next flip smartphone will soon join the G9198 Android flip phone and the SM-G9098 dual screen flip phone from the brand. This time, the SM-W2016 has an easy name to remember although no confirmation has been made yet--the Samsung Galaxy Golden 3.

The smartphone recently showed up on GFXBench so we're certain that it will be arriving anytime soon. The TENAA certification is another strong evidence that Samsung is still interested in the clamshell Android phone game. It may be a small market but there is certainly a demand for pretty yet powerful phones.

Rumor has it that the smartphone will feature a 3.9-inch internal and external screen, 768 x 1280 pixel resolution, octa-core 2.1 GHz Exynos 7 processor, Mali-T760MP8 GPU, 3GB RAM, 64GB built-in storage, 16MP main camera, 5MP selfie shooter, and will be powered by Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Sadly, we can't seem to find a microSD card slot. Dimension is set at 120.4 × 61 × 15.1mm while phone weighs 204 grams.

No word on pricing and availability yet so let's wait and see if and when the South Korean tech giant will unveil this flip Android phone. Based on the TENAA images, the device looks different from the past models Samsung released. We'll see.

Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 TENAA 6 Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 TENAA 1 Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 TENAA 2 Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 TENAA 3 Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 TENAA cover


ZTE rolls out new Blade S7 with glass back, metal build

ZTE Blade S7 ABefore the Nubia Z9 Max Elite is announced, ZTE has introduced the Blade S7 as a follow-up to the Blade S6 which was released in January earlier this year. The company didn't forget about the Blade line even if it's been busy working on the Axon phones. If you're waiting for the next Blade device, you can relax now because the Blade S7 if finally here. ZTE used premium materials for this unit. You can say it's an iPhone 5C clone but the phone maker used 2.5D Gorilla Glass as back cover. No plastic back cover, just a glass-back that that is sealed by an aluminum frame. It looks well-built and more robust compared to the previous Blade S6 with its plasticky feel. Smartphone comes equipped with a 5.-inch LCD screen with 1920 x 1090 pixel resolution and a screen ratio of 72.9%. Since fingerprint sensors are slowly becoming a standard in phones, ZTE added one on the front panel. This fingerprint sensor can be used to do other functions with pre-saved controls. This mid-range phone which is priced at $279 will be ready in four colors--Lemon Green (pictured above), Rose Gold, Diamond White, and Space Gray. This particular model will only be available in Asia. The Blade S7 may be a mid-ranger but its 14MP main camera and 13MP front-facing camera offer impressive imaging performance. This means you can take great photos and selfies even under low light conditions. There's also an LED flash light plus 14 special beautification features exclusive on the device. Other specs of the smartphone include a 32GB built-in storage, microSD card slot, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor. ZTE Blade S7 Rose Gold ZTE Blade S7 Specifications: • OS: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
• Processor: Qualcomm MSM8939 Snapdragon 615, Adreno 405 GPU
• Display: 5.0-inch IPS LCD screen
• Dimension: 142 x 67 x 7.2 mm
• Weight: 131 grams
• Battery: 2500mAh Li-ion battery (non-removable)
• RAM: 3GB
• 14MP camera with autofocus and LED flash
• 13MP front-facing Camera
• Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G, 4G LTE VIA: ANDROID GEEKS

Intel-powered Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 sighted on benchmark

Xiaomi Mipad 2

Xiaomi may have been upstaged by Huawei in the Chinese mobile market last quarter but that won't stop the company from launching powerful devices. Last year's Mi Pad now has a follow-up in the form of a  Mi Pad 2 albeit still a rumor. No official announcement has been made yet but after several rumors, here is another evidence that the device will be available soon. Instead of an NVIDIA Tegra chipset, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 is believed to be powered by an Intel SoC based on a Geekbench document.

A Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 powered by a 2.24 GHz Atom X5-Z8500 quad-core CPU and 2GB RAM has been spotted over on Geekbench. There was no sugarcoating done as the name Xiaomi MI PAD 2 was clearly stated. If this one runs an Intel Atom CPU, then we can say that the Xiaomi tablet may also run Windows 10. That's just a speculation though because the upcoming Mi Pad will still run Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Well, there is still a possibility of an Android and a Windows version--two variants released at the same time since the Atom X5-Z8500 works with both operating systems. There is also the idea of a dual-boot Mi Pad 2 but we'll take everything with a grain of salt for now.

We have no idea when Xiaomi will be announcing the new Mi Pad 2 or if there will still be an NVIDIA version but we're hoping just before the holiday shopping season starts. Xiaomi, maybe this Thanksgiving? Let's just wait and see.

VIA: gforgames

Fossil Group to buy Misfit wearable technology brand

Fossil Group Misfit Wearable Tracker

Misfit may be a young company having only four years under its belt but this connected wearable device maker has caught the industry's attention with its several products and accessories like the Misfit Shine, Shine 2, Link, Flash Link, and the EKOCYCLE Field Band for Shine. That's not surprising because the company was founded by industry veterans Sonny Vu, Sridhar Iyengar of AgaMatrix, and Apple and Pepsi's former CEO, John Sculley. It's a good brand that's why Fossil Group took interest and laid out its intentions to buy Misfit.

This acquisition is expected to further expand Fossil's plans into the wearable game. It recently launched its first ever wearable, the Android Wear Q Founder, but partnering with Misfit will hopefully bring more features to future Fossil smartwatches. As an innovator in wearable tech, Misfit will help Fossil enter a market that has just started but is quickly expanding. Now that Chinese device manufacturers are set to release low priced alternatives, big companies and watchmakers who want to get into the bandwagon must think of ways how to make their products stylish and stand out.

Misfit will deliver a number of things to Fossil including a slew of innovative products, its own wearable technology, its software and hardware engineering team, and a scalable cloud and app platform. With all these and Fossil's name in the watch business, Fossil can "lead the convergence of style and technology and to become the fashion gateway to the high-growth wearable technology and connected device markets" as described by the group's CEO Kosta Kartsotis.

Fashion and technology will be combined as the deal will be finalized end of the fiscal year. It's not closed yet but purchase price is set at $260 million. Once acquisition is done, the Fossil Group will be able to expand across different markets with new products, use Misfit's technology across Fossil and Skagen brands, utilize a reliable wearable technology platform, and be ahead of the game with the help of Misfit's development team.

The goal of Fossil is to introduce watches that are not only elegant but are also "connected". A Misfit-powered Fossil smartwatch will definitely be one interesting timepiece. We're not sure how it will be long-lasting though because the specs will need upgrading after a few years.

SOURCE: Fossil

Verizon announces TravelPass int’l plan, ideal for jetsetters

Verizon Wireless TravelPass

Verizon recently introduced a new international plan that will benefit the jetsetters and frequent travellers. Verizon calls it the 'Travel Pass' that promises to make connection to your loved ones simpler and more affordable even when abroad. The plan allows you to use your domestic Talk, Text and Data allowances to be used outside the country. It’s the latest plan-related news from Verizon that follows the $20 increase on grandfathered unlimited data plan users.

TravelPass is said to be better than other international plans from other mobile carriers as everything is deducted from a person’s current allowance whether data, minutes, or texts. You won’t be slapped with roaming charges on top of your bill. This plan comes with NO data restrictions nor hidden fees.

How does this work? It’s simple. Customer will be charged a fixed rate daily. It will be $2 if you are from the United States travelling to Canada or Mexico. In other countries, daily rate will be $10 per line. The carrier said you will only be charged on specific days you use your phone abroad.

Feel free to enjoy TravelPass from Verizon. If you’re going outside of the US anytime soon, you may sign up at You can also activate your account on the MyVerizon app before you travel. Service will automatically be activated as you land at your destination.

Some countries where TravelPass can be used include Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, and Rome. (View complete list of TravelPass countries here)

SOURCE: Verizon

Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet now ready for pre-order

Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet 2

Almost two months after we learned that it would be unveiling its first ever gaming tablet, Acer has finally announced that pre-order is now open. We didn't notice but it's been delayed for a week already. Those who've been waiting for this new Android tablet can now order the Predator 8. The name alone makes me want to believe it's one kick-ass gaming device. You see, the Taiwanese company wants to break into the mobile gaming market with this tablet.

Showcased at the IFA event in Berlin last September, the Acer Predator 8 boasts of the following specs: 8.0-inch screen with 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution, 1.6-2.4 GHz quad-core Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor, 32GB or 64GB onboard storage, microSD card slot, 2GB RAM, 5MP rear-facing Full HD cam, 2MP selfie camera, WiFi, and an unknown battery that can last up to 8.5 hours.

If you're familiar with the Acer Predator line of smartphones, accessories, and gaming computers, you'd understand why the Predator 8 looks that way. It will remind you of the Predator 6 phone. Design may seem weird to some but it looks well-built with a very nice grip that is meant for hardcore gaming.

Tablet also features Acer's Quadio (four speakers) for high-quality sound. Acer actually describes the tablet as "audiodacious" so you know what to expect from the Predator 8. For more touchscreen sensitivity and better onscreen controls, you can rely on Acer's very own Predator Precision Plus technology.

Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet is affordable at only $299.99. Specs can still be improved for gaming but for that price, it's all good. We have no idea if there will ever be a 3G/LTE variant if you're the type who stays at home all day long to play games, then the WiFi model is enough. You can pre-order for an Acer Predator 8 starting today from Acer online.

Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet 4 Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet 5 Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet 2 Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet 3 Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet e

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iHeartRadio Family brings kids’ faves, music on one app

iHeartReadio Family

If you're a fan of iHeartRadio whether on OUYA or Android, you'd be glad to know that a new app designed for kids has just been released. Specially-developed for the children, iHeartRadio Family brings unlimited access to numerous DJ-hosted, live, and iHeartRadio Original stations. The app's user interface is now very colorful and kid-friendly so your little ones can easily navigate the app and start listening to their favorite songs.

The iHeartRadio Family app doesn't just feature music or kiddie networks like Nickelodeon or Disney. Music from some of the popular artists loved by the kids and teens like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Dan + Say, and Sam Hunt are also available on iHeartRadio Family. You'll see a different variety of stations and music albums your kids can listen to. iHeartRADIO partnered with Build-A-Bear Workshop to promote the app and the group will then launch its own radio station on iHeartRadio.

This new HeartRadio app is an answered prayer for parents as the environment is kid-friendly. It's safe, educational, and entertaining as some of the kids' favorite characters and shows are available including Elmo, Thomas the Train, Dora The Explorer, and Austin & Ally.

There may be countless of kid-friendly apps on the Play Store already but this one is the first expansion of iHeartRADIO and the children are the lucky targets.

iHeartReadio Family app 1 iHeartReadio Family app 2 iHeartReadio Family app 3

Download iHeartRadio Family from the Google Play Store


YouTube Music announced, a potential Spotify-killer

YouTube Music

We have another reason to love YouTube. The most popular video sharing website just introduced YouTube Music. Yup, it’s a new mobile app that plays your favorite songs from some of your favorite artists of all time. For more than a decade now, YouTube has been entertaining billions of people all over the world. Ask anyone you know and he’d admit that he probably spent a few hours or so watching videos (even senseless ones) on YouTube.

YouTube has been instrumental to discovery of new artists. It has helped in increasing the popularity of unknown musicians, vloggers, cats (dogs too!), and cute kids. It has even helped a lot of netizens earn up to millions of dollars. However for some, it’s unfortunate that their videos go viral for the wrong reasons. No doubt that YouTube has changed the entertainment, news, tech, gaming, communication, and especially music. How easy it is to just type a keyword and you’ll be given an endless list of songs and artists to watch and listen to. Even playlists are prepared by random people for you to follow.

We can go on and on listing how many people and organizations YouTube helped over the years. It’s one great martketing and advertising tool to promote just about anyone or any cause. Artists and musicians especially greatly benefitted from this website but there are still a lot of things to be improved. While “listening” to songs on YouTube is possible, you can’t get out of the mobile app and continue to enjoy a song while doing other tasks. There may be some hack around it but YouTube Music will make it easier for everyone.

YouTube Music provide s a new listening experience and discovery of new songs. With this app, you can access the wide range of songs on YouTube’s music catalog. You will never run out of choices because there are too many videos, tracks, songs, and albums uploaded already. There are even concert videos, lyric videos, covers, and remixes to enjoy.

If you have YouTube Red, you can enjoy YouTube Music sans the ads for an uninterrupted listening experience. Offline listening is also possible as you can save videos. YouTube will continue playing the song even when you get out of the app (finally!).

Enjoy a 14-day free trial of YouTube Red when you first sign in to the new YouTube Music app. After two weeks and if you don't subscribe to YouTube Red, ads will once again harass you come.

YouTube Music 4 YouTube Music 3 YouTube Music 2 YouTube Music 5 YouTube Music

Okay YouTube Music, ready to beat Spotify?

Download YouTube Music from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: YouTube Official Blog

Protect your servers, unleash the missiles in Artificial Defense

Artificial Defense 1

Artificial Defense is a new real-time strategy game that will have you shooting in virtual reality setting. There's no hero and character to build and upgrade but you are a computer-system that needs a lot of updating and protection from the intruders. You need to defend your servers and make sure no one gets through your firewalls and databases. You see, there are a lot of creeps out there who would try to get into your system just to annoy you.

With this mobile strategy game, feel free to unleash the real geek in you. Not a lot of people will understand the challenges and levels you will go through in Artificial Defense because they are well..too technical. This will include you trying to earn more RAM and upgrading your hardware. It should be easy for you if you already have experience building a kick-ass computer system whether for work or play.

You will have to start as a simple and analog punch-tape system. You will then transform and level up to a quantum A.I. computer that can already "think" on its own. To protect your system, use hellfire missiles, asteroids, bombs, and mini-guns. Fire them off against the attackers. If you can, you may spawn your own Intrusion Counter Measures (ICMs).

Artificial Defense features three game mechanics including Offense, Defense, and Conquer. Take advantage of 21 defense towers and 21 offense weapons from neutron-bombs to meteors to maverick missiles. As for the defense towers, they range from flame-throwers to long-range railgun-towers to pistol-sentry-towers. Some towers will even depend on how much RAM you have in your possession. You are also called to conquer other corrupted system structures. Those databases that hold valuable data but have been corrupted can still be accessed. Make sure you know how to use your defense and offense equipment and resources.

Artificial Defense 2 Artificial Defense 3 Artificial Defense 1 Artificial Defense 4 Artificial Defense 5 Artificial Defense 6 Artificial Defense 8 Artificial Defense 7

Download Artificial Defense from the Google Play Store

T-Mobile quietly sets price hike for new unlimited plan subscribers


T-Mobile may be on a roll announcing great deals the past few days and weeks. There's the Binge On video free streaming service, that 4G LTE CellSpot, and the latest Gold Platinum Galaxy Note 5. We've seen a number of Uncarrier plans already but the BingeOne got loyal  T-Mobile subscribers excited but hold your breath as the company has also raised prices without telling us.

That was a ninja move by T-Mobile changing the price of unlimited data from $30 to $45. That' s a 15-dollar or a 50% increase. So if you're on Simple Choice with unlimited data, your monthly fee is  now $95. That's just for a single line but don't worry, T-Mobile said that data is doubled from 7GB to 14GB if you turn your phone into a hotspot for others to use. For the movie buffs, a Vudu movie rental will be given for free starting January 2016. Owners that will be affected are those signing up starting November 15.

Current subscribers and owners of unlimited data plan will not be affected by this 50-percent price increase. Meanwhile, the lower-tier data plans also changed. The previous $60/3GB plan is now $65/5GB. With the older $70/5GB being bumped up to $80/10GB.

Non-unlimited data plan holders can also take advantage of the double data deal at the current price as long as they use the Family Match feature and more.

T-Mobile Simple Choice Amped


Kirin 950, 4GB RAM-equipped Huawei P9 Max sighted on AnTuTu

Huawei P9 Max with Kirin 950 Antutu

We completely forgot about a possible follow-up to the Huawei P8 and P8 Max because we started to anticipate for the upcoming Huawei Mate 8. In less than two weeks, we'll know if the latest flagship smartphone from the new King of the Chinese mobile market is powerful as promised.

But before the Mate 8 arrives, another rumor about a new phone is also going around. A Huawei P9 Max was recently sighted on AnTuTu benchmark. It was only referenced to as the 'P950S' model that already runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow and is powered by a Kirin 950 chipset with mali T880 processor. The device is also said to have a 6.2-inch display screen with 1600 x 2560 pixel resolution, 64GB built-in storage, and 4GB RAM. The rear cam and front camera specs are not indicated but we can expect they can be at par with the other premium specs listed on the benchmark page.

We haven't even seen any Huawei P9 yet so we're curious why this one is already known as the 'P9 Max'. The P8 Lite was also just recently revealed so that can't be it. Since it also features a Kirin 950 processor that's been making waves and getting high scores on AnTuTu, its Mali-T880 GPU is also getting high scores.

We can expect the Huawei P9 Max to be marketed as another premium phablet because of the large display, 2K resolution, rumored dual cameras and side mounted fingerprint sensor, and the latest Android Marshmallow. Looking at the benchmark results, the Huawei P9 Max scored above 73,000 points. This phone could very well rival the other phablets from Samsung, Meizu, and Xiaomi among others.


T-Mobile lists Gold Platinum version of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

T-Mobile  Gold Platinum Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Aside from the Binge On free video streaming service, T-Mobile announced the availability of the Gold Platinum Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This version follows the Black Sapphire and White Pearl models also available from the mobile carrier. The phablet is ready in either 32GB or 64GB storage capacities for $699 as full retail price.

If you want to get the Gold Platinum Note 5 with no downpayment, it will be $29.17 per month for two years on EIP. You can also avail of the phone with trade-in on JUMP! On Demand for $15 for the next 18 months. The bigger 64GB variant will be $28.34/month for 24 months after a $99.99 downpayment. If you have $799.99, get it on full retail or for $14.50/month within 18 months with a trade-in on JUMP! On Demand plan.

To review, the supersized phablet comes with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, 2560x1440 QHD resolution, 4GB RAM, 64-bit octa-core Exynos 7420 processor, and a 3,000 mAh battery. The device supports both wireless charging and fast-charging technologies. Of course, the new Note comes with an S Pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can also be purchased with a $50 discount if you order for a unit through telesales or online at T-Mobile’s website. Use the promo code NOTE5DEAL to avail of the discount. The Gold Platinum is the same as the White Pearl and Black Sapphire. There’s no other special feature that will come with it—just the new color that gives that feeling of classic and timeless luxury. Other versions like the Silver Titanium and Pink Gold are available in South Korea.

The link we accessed a while ago now contains a few details. We're not sure if the Gold Platinum was already sold out but this should be fixed soon.

Galaxy Note 5 page

VIA: TmoNews

SOURCE: T-Mobile

Control personal info shown by Google with ‘About Me’ tool

GOOGLE About Me b

It’s a busy week for Google as the Internet giant has been rolling out several updates to major products and services. Last week wasn’t good as not-so-favorable reports and reviews about the new Nexus 6P were made public including that spontaneous cracking of glass visor and the smartphone’s failing durability tests, and for bending so easily. This week started with the addition of holiday hours to Search and Maps and then Google making TensorFlow machine learning system open source.

Just yesterday, we tried the update that delivered offline navigation to Google Maps. Saving maps has always been possible but the app update has added search and more useful information. Today, the company has announced the About me tool—a new service that allows the account user to see, edit, and remove any personal information that Google shows to the other users. The objective of this tool is let people check and edit what information are available to the public or a select group of contacts.

Google already knows who you are so logging in to other products and services from the brand is easy. From Gmail to Google Maps, Google Play, Google+, or YouTube, Google wants you to share details and personal information that are correct and are also comfortable to share with others.

Feel free to check your About me page and see what Google has posted there. You’ll see basic information like your full name, birthday, and school among others. You are free to edit information but not totally remove or delete. Other details Google wants you to share include the following:

• Work and personal contact info (phone number, email, and address)
• Education (what schools you went to)
• Work history (what companies you work for, have worked for, and where)
• Places (where you live, have lived, and have visited)
• Sites (social media and other webpages)

Simply put, Google’s About Me is a useful tool for editing details on your account page.

GOOGLE About Me d GOOGLE About Me c GOOGLE About Me a GOOGLE About Me b

VIA: Venture Beat


SwiftKey Keyboard 6.0 officially released, now out of beta

SwiftKey 6 - DWP

Less than a month ago, we were able to get a glimpse of the SwiftKey 6.0 Beta complete with new settings and an improved emoji panel. Today, the team has finally pushed the official update for everyone on the Google Play Store. This means when you check on the download link, you'll see the latest version ready.

The newest SwiftKey version features Double-Word Prediction. Instead of just one word prediction, the keyboard app will suggest two words or a phrase that you would probably type. This makes typing even faster. The Settings menu was also overhauled so you can easily customize your keyboard according to how use it.

SwiftKey 6.0 is also now available in five new languages that we actually don't where they are used: Igbo, Yoruba, Zulu, Breton, and Xhosa. Not included in the beta version are some new theme packs. That's more aside from the Carbon Light theme that is very Material Design. You can try SwiftKey's very own Megapack theme.

The emoji panel was updated so you can easily select the emojis you frequently use. Using the '123' key that was also moved to the left of the keyboard, the emoji panel will pop up when you longpress it. To switch between emojis, simply swipe left or right.

As with most updates, several improvements and fixes were made including text duplication in Chrome or apps, that jumpy cursor, swipe-to-delete consistency on Samsung devices, some capitalized words not being added to your language model, and prediction when tagging or checking into Facebook.

SwiftKey 6 is out SwiftKey 6 - Double-word-predictions SwiftKey 6 - Emoji and Double Word SwiftKey 6 SwiftKey 6 - Themes SwiftKey 6 - DWP

Download SwiftKey 6.0 from the Google Play Store

LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition arriving soon, up for pre-order on Verizon

LG Watch Urbane 2md Edition LTE a

Now that Google officially announced that it has added cellular support to Android Wear, it’s time that we’re updated as to when we can get our hands on the first Android Wear watch equipped with cellular connectivity—the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition. This new smartwatch is expected to be available soon in South Korea and the US. Key markets in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Asia, and Europe will also receive the smartwatch.

The new LG Watch Urbane now comes with cellular connection which means you don’t need to depend on WiFi or Bluetooth to receive messages or calls. No need to bring your smartphone either when going on a quick run but are expecting an important call because anyone can reach you now.

Your smartwatch no longer needs tethered assistance from a smartphone because Verizon will soon release the Watch Urbane from LG. The wearable comes equipped with a 348ppi P-OLED display screen, stainless steel body, and three buttons on the right side that can be set for quick access to some of your favorite apps or settings. It features a Power Saving Mode and a 570mAH battery that can last up to one whole day on a single charge.

Verizon has just opened pre-order for the LG Watch Urbane 2nd LTE. Price tag reads $499.99. You can get it for $449.99 with a 2-year activation. The network will soon start shipment while smartwatch will be available for purchase in stores and online on the 19th of November. If you already have a plan under Verizon, just add $5 monthly fee on top of your bill.

LG Watch Urbane 2md Edition LTE b

AT&T also started offering the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition online and in stores last Friday, November 6.

SOURCE: LG (1),(2)

Android Wear brings cellular support to smartwatch

Android Wear Cellular Support 2

We can probably say that the smartwatch era has really begun as numerous wearables are being introduced left and right. When smartwatches were first launched less than two years ago, they were expensive but now, more manufacturers are trying the affordable wearable budget category but with limited features and Android Wear is still the most popular wearable OS today and Google is serious with advancing the platform.

Today, the Android Wear team proudly announced that it's adding cellular support. This means you can soon send messages or make calls right from your smartwatch. This is already expected since some brands already brought cellular connectivity to their wearables. LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE made it possible as the first Android Wear watch with cellular support. This development from the Android Wear team just made the support official.

Android Wear cellular support is added to the standard WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity most smartwatches already have. This means you can be connected almost anywhere now where there is cellular connection. It's like having a standalone phone on your wrist but instead of relying on WiFi and Bluetooth, you only need to depend on a mobile network.

The LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE is now available from Verizon and AT&T. It's the first smartwatch to take advantage of Android Wear cellular support but expect more models to follow suit.

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Mozilla rolls out Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview app for Android

Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview

Remember that Firefox OS version working as a launcher on your phone? It was only an experiment but the app is now available for more developers  and ordinary Android users to try out. The experimental app lets you use Firefox OS, acting as a special launcher for apps that you frequently use.

Firefox OS is another open mobile platform that's different from Android. It can run on an Android device without any problem because it is web-based. Anyone can try the app on Android to experience Firefox OS on mobile. The Developer Preview was recently launched to allow Android users to customize Firefox OS with add-ons and apps downloadable from the Firefox Marketplace. There's also the 'Pin the Web' feature that brings your fave items in front. When it comes to web browsing, this one is secure with the Private Browsing with Tracking Protection and Do Not Track option.

Note that this Firefox OS will not replace your Android platform. It will only serve as an alternative home screen, similar to a launcher. No need to root or flash your device to run the Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview as it will work as any ordinary app.

Firefox OS is an open source project so errors may be encountered. If you're interested to help improve the experimental app, join the Firefox OS Participation Hub for more information.

Download the Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview Android app APK from here

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CyanogenMod can now run Cyanogen apps


Good news to those using CyanogenMod instead of the commercial Cyanogen OS, you can now install Cyanogen OS apps on your mobile devices. The two mobile platform are different but both are based on Android and are very similar to each another. Cyanogen OS was developed by Cyanogen Inc. while the CyanogenMod is well, a mod version that is open source and maintained by some modders.

There is a community of developers who are taking advantage of the CyanogenMod. The latter may not be an official mobile platform but good thing Cyanogen OS apps can now be installed on the mod version. If before, you can enjoy such apps only on an official Cyanogen OS-powered phone, you can run them now on CyanogenMod as made possible by a Cyanogen Apps Package.

This set of applications can be used to flash several apps. For now, you can use the Cyanogen Theme Store and Theme Chooser, photo gallery, and recovery tool for flashing the apps among others.

Make sure you have a Cyanogen account to be able to use some apps on your CM 12.1-powered device. C-Apps Package include the following: Theme Chooser with per-app theming, AudioFX, Theme Store, Dialer with TrueCaller integration, Email powered by Boxer, Gallaery, and Cyanogen Accounts. Audio FX allows easy switching between audio presets and quick customization for your music. Theme Chooser lets you change the look of the device while Cyanogen Theme Store is the best place to get new themes.

The Cyanogen Dialer with Integrated Truecaller alaso lets you to identify and block incoming spam. You only need one Cyanogen account to enable this app. Email is powered by Boxer that also allows syncing of multiple email accounts. The app lets people connected and organized all the time.

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Samsung Gear VR ready for pre-order, starts shipping Nov 20

Samsung Gear VR

The latest version of the Samsung Gear VR is now ready for pre-order in the United States. A couple of days ago, the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 received the Gear VR support and now, more Samsung device owners can enjoy the $99 Oculus-powered virtual reality headset. It's still limited though to owners of the latest premium flagship phones like the Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edhe+, and the Note 5.

The new Gear VR takes advantage of the devices' super AMOLED display screen for a super clear virtual reality graphics with vivid colors and fast performance. It's a special way to view photos and experience 360-degree videos. The software provided by Oculus greatly complements the hardware--the premium Galaxy smartphones.

This development brings the product into the mainstream market and Samsung hopes to reach millions of Galaxy smartphone owners  and let them experience virtual reality games and videos.

Samsung Electronics America's Vice President for Immersive Products and Virtual Reality, Nick DiCarlo said:

“Samsung is leveraging its leadership in mobile, by giving millions of Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners’ access to amazing virtual reality experiences including immersive games, the ability to explore beautiful photographs and exciting videos in 360 degrees, and much more. The quality of the VR experience provided by Galaxy smartphones and Oculus software is unparalleled, taking virtual reality out of the early adopter space and into the mainstream with this revolutionary product.”

Virtual reality may still be in its early stages but it's clear that the South Korean tech giant wants to be at the forefront by bringing quality VR experience to more mobile users. There are numerous VR games, apps, and 360 videos already available and we can expert more will be published.

You can now pre-order a Samsung Gear VR on official Samsung, BestBuy, and Amazon websites. Shipment will start on November 20, Friday, while T-Mobile will release the VR headset a week after on November 27 online and in stores.  No word yet when AT&T will make the Gear VR available in the market but the mobile carrier will definitely release the VR headset.

SOURCE: Samsung Tomorrow

Here’s how to download Google Maps for offline navigation

Google Maps cover

By now, you know that Google has recently improved offline maps navigation with search and more useful information. While saving maps for offline use is not exactly new, the app update allows more information to be saved for later use. More functions were added to the offline maps so more people can benefit from offline navigations. Internet connection can be spotty at times so to ensure that you are ready when visiting a new place or destination, download an area of Google Maps for your own good.

Note that some Android devices and some countries won't see the update just yet. On the Play Store, there may be an indication that it's the latest update but the main Google Maps offline functionalities aren't live. It might take a while before Google pushes the new features to all Android devices.

Here is a video version of the gif we shared with you earlier:

If you still can't follow the animation, check out the gallery below and read the instructions carefully.

Google Maps offline navigation 1 Google Maps offline navigation 2 Google Maps offline navigation 3 Google Maps offline navigation 4 Google Maps offline navigation 5

(1) Open your Google Maps app on your Android device.
(2) Search for your intended destination or the area where you will be traveling in.
(3) Once you tap the location you’re searching for, you will see a place card.
(If you don’t see a card with the ‘download’ button, you may have to broaden your search.)
(4) When you see the ‘Download this area?’ prompt/card, tap on it.
(5) The app will start downloading the offline areas. Once download is finished, you can now view the particular area even when you are offline. (To be sure that the offline map is ready, disconnect from your Internet and check Google Maps again.)

Again, the updated Google Maps may not be live on other Android devices yet.We asked some friends living in other countries to try the updated app and sadly, they don't have the latest version yet. If you still see the Call, Save, and Website buttons, that means the version isn't ready for you yet.

Check back again maybe tomorrow to update the app.

google maps

Once you see the Save, Share, and Download buttons as above, app is ready. Good luck!

Download Google Maps from the Google Play Store

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Mophie announces new powerstation products

Mophie power lineup 2Popular battery case manufacturer Mophie is bringing more practical battery solutions to the Android community. A new lineup of powerful products just rolled out, proving once again why Mophie is the top selling mobile battery case maker in the market today. The brand has just introduced its next-generation universal power products that are said to be the slimmest to date. They are also quick-charging and are very durable so you know they can last a lot of cycles. The latest Mophie mobile batteries are available in different sizes from 1X to 8X. Each one can juice up any smartphone with a maximum of 15,000mAh power for extra long battery life, reaching up three days of extra hours. The products work with the mophie Power app for better mobile power management. As with previous mophie juice packs, you can expect great performances, features, benefits, and reliability from these products. Try to explore the Mophie Power app and you can start managing the battery life of your power station units, or at least, just the 5X and 8X models. You can see percentage of battery life that is left and even set notifications when battery is full or low. Other models like the 3X,5X, and 8X feature dual outputs to allow simultaneous charging. You can get the new Mophie powerstation products from Verizon,, and the Apple Store. The most affordable mophie is only $40. Each product comes with an ultra thin design, aluminum construction, and fast charging capabilities. Mophie power lineup 1 Mophie power lineup 3 Mophie power lineup 2 SOURCE: mophie

Qualcomm shows off wireless docking station for use with Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm 11ad wireless dock 3

Aside from the Snapdragon 820 processor, Qualcomm also introduced an 802.11ad WiGig dock. The product is still under development but according to the chipmaker, we could expect this to be ready in time for the CES 2016 event in January. Inside a compact desktop router, there's a tri-wireless chipset that could very well transform a smartphone into a mini computer and be used as an ordinary desktop.

This WiGig technology may further advance wireless docks within the mobile industry. You see, there seems to be a move to make everything wireless. Cutting the cords of devices makes sense because they can be unruly and are prone to any "noise". Qualcomm's next big idea is to easily pair a mobile device to a keyboard, mouse, and display simply by putting it in a special docking station. The latter will then beam the content to a display (up to 4K) sans the cable.

Qualcomm was able to demonstrate the idea using a Snapdragon 820-powered smartphone. When docked on the station, it can show whatever is on the phone to a bigger display. Wireless charging is slowly being used within the tech industry. As early as now, there are companies who started to integrate wireless charging in their mobile devices.

There are several standards available already and AirFuel Alliance is set to gather other wireless charging tech like the Qi from Wireless Power Consortium, uBeam, Samsung's Fast Charging, and of course, Qualcomm's very own Quick Charging tech. Recently, the Airfuel Alliance announced the joining forces of A4WP and PMA. With all these developments, wireless charging could quickly be a very important component of any mobile device or gadget. We know that is always bound to happen but the launch of the Snapdragon 820 will fastrack the process. We'll see.

Qualcomm 11ad wireless dock 2 Qualcomm 11ad wireless dock 5 Qualcomm- 11ad wireless dock 1 Qualcomm 11ad wireless dock 6 Qualcomm 11ad wireless dock 3

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