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Restoring Deleted WhatsApp Chats on Android & iOS

Well, this is a common one. Almost all of us have at one time or another accidentally deleted an important WhatsApp message, at times before even reading it. You may have as well deleted a message that contains crucial information before penning it down, and now you are stuck thinking there is no undoing…but there

Facebook Launches Face Recognition Feature on its Messenger

Facebook is towering in the technology industry. Currently, the social media platform is the largest globally. Despite thissuccess, it has never stopped improving onits services. The company recently confirmed the launching of a brand feature for its Messenger. Photo Magic, Facebook’s new feature, is a face recognition technology that makes it easier for Facebook users

Apple Tops List of Smartphone Manufacturers, Says a New Report

According to a recent survey by comScore,Apple still tops the list of smartphone makers in the United States. Based on significant trends in the smartphone industry,Apple was ranked first in the Original Equipment Manufacturer category. ComScore, a universal media measurement and analytics company,reported that Apple has 43.6 percent share of the United States’ smartphone owners.

Tips for Stopping Windows 10 Upgrade Notifications

Windows 10 offers users who have installed Windows 7 and 8 the opportunity to upgrade, but is not mandatory. Microsoft has not said that you will not be able to use your Windows machine by failing to upgrade to Windows 10. However, this has not stopped the users from receiving annoying notifications all the time

How to Search for All Public Posts on Facebook

In the past, it used to be hard to search for all public posts on Facebook. The good news is that the biggest social media network in the world now intends to allow its users to search for and find all public posts that are of interest to them. This is because of a new

Facebook Forcing Staff to Ditch iPhones in Favor of Android

It seems Facebook staffs have little knowledge or rather experience with the Android environment, despite the fact that this platform is home to a large part of the entire Facebook user base. In a bid to familiarize its staff with the Android experience, the social networking giant is reportedly forcing some of its staff to

Facebook – Tips for Stopping Candy Crush Request

Candy Crush requests are among the most annoying behaviors on the Internet today. You log in to your Facebook account expecting to see what is happening around the world and in the lives of your friends only to receive tens of notifications from friends regarding Candy Crush requests. This habit is annoying because you can