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Create a Gmail account for free

With Gmail becoming increasingly popular nowadays, there’s no better time to create an account here, since you get quite a lot of value from using it. The interface is nicely designed, and the integration with Google services is amazing to say the least. But how can we create a Gmail account? We have created a

5 Free Alternatives to Viber

If you are a Viber user then you already know that this application provides you with a very good way to connect with people from all over the world without a problem. However, some of you might not like the interface, so we have created a list with some of the best alternatives. Skype Skype

8 Free Gmail Alternatives

Gmail is one of the best and definitely the most popular mail client type that you can find out there, however it’s not the only one. There are just a ton of amazing, impressive services that you can use in this regard, and they will bring you an immense quality. All you need to do

Google Earth: New Update Overview

Many users of the popular virtual globe software from Google were complaining in the past days about their inability to log into Google Earth with their Google Accounts. The cause of this issue is a new update version This update replaces an old sign-in process that used OAuth 1.0 to OAuth 2.0 which effectively

Nexus 5 (2015) – Huawei or LG?

There is undoubtedly a lot of wild rumors floating around when it comes to the next Nexus devices. Many tech commentators have been speculating about who is going to manufacture successors to Google’s aging smartphone offering. The original Nexus 5 was manufactured by LG and has been released in 2013. There is no denying that

How to turn off Adobe Flash Player in your browser

Adobe Flash (formerly called Macromedia Flash and Shockwave Flash) is still widely used to display videos, games, and various other multimedia on the web. Flash has seen a tremendous popularity in the past because of its portability and unified look across many different platforms and devices. However, Flash on The web is experiencing a steady

Fastest security software for your PC

A good security software should be an essential part of any operating system. There are many sophisticated and unpredictable dangers lurking online and relying solely on a good judgment is often not enough. Unfortunately, many security suites for PC consume a lot of resources and can make your computer feel very unresponsive. This is why […]

The 3 Best Antivirus Apps for Android

Android antivirus industry experienced a tremendous boom in the past few years. This is partially due to the marketing efforts of many antivirus companies, but more importantly because of how popular Android has become. Viruses on Android do not live an easy life because of the high amount of fragmentation and a strong focus on

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Lack of Updates

With over 70 million copies sold worldwide over computer, console and mobile devices, Minecraft is one of the best selling games in history. Despite the rise of the “next gen” consoles XBOX One and PS4, Minecraft on XBOX 360 remains one of the most popular games on the console. As such, there have been two

Why Adobe Flash Player still important to some people

Flash is an old and in many respects outdated technology that is being slowly retired in favor of HTML5. For example, YouTube now uses HTML5 on all devices and companies like Apple never liked Flash in the first place pointing to its alleged poor performance, security issues, lack of touch support, and others. Why is

The Best Gadgets for Your Home – Wink Hub

The world around you is getting smart at a rapid pace that needs you to be even smarter to catch up with it. If one fails to make one steps parallel to the smart world, one is doomed to be forgotten in this world that is becoming ultra smart. In this regard, you need adopt